“Check This Box To Buy Ambassadorship”

“Wanna get away? Now you can.” Remember that devastatingly effective advertising slogan by Southwest Airlines from around 2007? Well, it turns out that a...

There’s something in the water, and corrupt politicians are to blame

In 2001, under orders from a Republican controlled Congress, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued new standards for drinking water in an attempt to...

America’s First Honest Politician Takes the Internet By Storm

What if politicians actually told the truth? It sounds crazy, I know, but that’s the idea behind Gil Fulbright, a satirical candidate “running” for the...

“Legal slush funds” might soon be illegal, thanks to we the people

You may remember a post we did a few months back detailing the widespread use of Leadership PACs by our lawmakers. If not — let me...
For-Profit Colleges Flunk Out

For-Profit Colleges Flunk Test, Lobby to Make it Easier

Private, for-profit colleges, like Phoenix University, get a lot of Federal money — but when the government tried to make sure it wasn’t wasting that...

One of These Things is Not Like the Other

Three of these things just do not belong:

Whoever gets re-elected, this guy is happy

Of course, he’s helping to pull the strings:

GM Ups its Lobbying Game in the Face of Massive Recalls

These are tough times for General Motors. With over 20 million recalled vehicles and emerging evidence of the company’s negligence in handling a wave of faulty ignition switches, GM...