What Corruption Has to Do with Inequality

Political scientist Joseph Stigltiz explains the vicious cycle:

Jim Rubens on Corruption

The Senate candidate in New Hampshire pulls no punches:

Udall Amendment to Undo Citizens United Faces Early Vote

Reacting against the huge amounts of money allowed into our elections by Supreme Court decisions like Citizens United and McCutcheon, Sen. Udall sponsored a...
Bob McDonnell accepts $165,000 in special loans and gifts; convicted of corruption. Congress accepts $1 Billion in political donations in the first half of 2014; business as usual. (Sources: CBS News, Center for Responsive Politics)

Bob McDonnell Convicted of Corruption: Congress’ Corruption Still Legal

Yesterday the former Governor of Virginia, Bob McDonnell, was convicted on multiple counts of corruption. The charges were accepting a total of $165,000 in personal...

Lawrence Lessig on the Dangers of Democracy

The Princeton professor explains what we should worry about:

Charlie Hardy on What Americans are Sick Of

The Senate candidate from Wyoming gets it right:
Critics attack new study: Artificial Sweeteners Linked with Obesity and Other Disease. Share if you're NOT surprised: critics are researchers who receive funding from the artificial sweetener industry.

Research on Artificial Sweeteners Attacked

Want to guess who funds those critics?

The Biggest Problem in Politics in One Venn Diagram

It doesn’t get much simpler than this: